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I am life.  Life is settling in over here in the grand green country of Ireland.  The labor goes and the wind blows but the food is always delicious.  Since we last spoke I have been up to quite a few different chores and leisures alike.  I took care of my cousin Sheila’s “poly-tube” (which is what we call a green-house in the states).  Connie Connelly and Sheila have let the veg grow out for almost an entire year.  The butternut squash plant nearly took over the entire thing!  Con is only interested in carrots, suedes, beet root and spuds.  Good thing Sheila knows how to get the kale, tomato, green leaf and occasional herb into the diet!  We weeded out the entire lot, planted some kale and harvested the potato.  I was working with a lady named Kathy who was incredibly knowledgable when it came to all things gardening.  She traveled the U.K. strictly by car, transient style for over twenty years.  Her house in Ireland is the first house she has ever owned.  I baffles me that one may just go out into the world and put not a single root down for over twenty years, probably something I will never come close to experiencing.  Connie fed us a good salad and I caved hard for some locally made scones loaded with butter!  I regretted that shit,  Literarily the shit was what I regretted.

Market day is on Friday and it closely resembles a U.S. farmer’s market except with about twenty extra booths with thrift shops.  Pretty cool but the majority of the thrift were faux-antique bookends and bad jewelry.  The market, though, was really cool and I was able to pick up some olives stuffed with garlic and raw milk blue cheese, broccoli, beets and buy my little cousin a crepe.  She is really into the sweets so of course I was going on about how it’s garbage and how it will stunt her growth, make her joints ache and cause her pancreas to stop working, but she’s pretty happy to just munch on the junk.  “Eat and let eat” is my new philosophy.


Later in the evening the whole village got together for the club Gaelic Football match about twenty minutes outside of town.  We were rooting for black and orange, St. Colums, a team which has not won the division title ever.  For forty three years the club has only made finals once and last night they brought the cup home!  As I spend time in Ireland the feeling that the O’Connors will lock me up in up at the farm for good luck becomes increasingly intense.




DSC00194  If anyone requests a video I’ll go ahead and see if I can make that happen.  I didn’t get any shots of goals or points, but the peanut gallery is very lyrically animated.


Not all has been so gravy in the O’Connor household.  On Thursday night at Stone Cottage (see below) we had a major catastrophe.  We were all sitting around like the internet fiendz we are and started buzzing around the house as soon as it was interrupted.  The outlets all stopped working.  John made his way through the house looking for trouble and by Yeezus he found it!  My bed was just about as soaking wet as if I wet it five times consecutively without waking.  The ceiling was not yet saturated but leaking at an incredible rate.  Turns out the shower has been leaking for a couple of days and finally the socket burst.  Now I write to you with exposed plumbing and second-story floor boards looking down at me.  It is a real blessing that the O’Connors have both a family carpenter and plumber living not more than ten minutes away on call.  At the drop of a hat, Wesley and Allan (both cousins to me) came over to fix the leaky pipe and tear apart the ceiling.  I made them coconut flour pancakes and Julie put on a fry (which is black sausage [made from pigs blood and barley] and bacon [mmmm…bacon]).  The pancakes were so good I think I’ll make them again for the rest of my life!  I’m getting a little a lot of fat in Ireland, and working hard to keep that trend going!


John, Julie and I went out for a walk on Lady Batry’s lookout in the Glengarriff Nature Conservatory.  John is terribly afraid of heights and had “five small strokes” on the way up and “five small heart attacks” watching me look out at Glengarriff.


These people are really starting to grow on me.  Big love in Ireland!


Here is a picture of Barley Lake, situated at the very top of Barley Mountain.  The car ride up was treacherous, but the views were absolutely stunning!



More than a pretty face

Two days have passed since I last checked in here.  Sundays in Ireland are revered as they were during the days of Catholisism.  Sure, there are still devote Catholics in Kealkill but many families moved away from the religion after the sex abuse cases.  Sundays are still revered as sabbath like days dedicated to strengthening family bonds, resting the hard working body, and focusing on personal growth.  The day was hardly spitting at me (I have only seen the sun for a collective 3 minutes since I landed) so I decided to go for a long walk.  John drove me down past the Kealkill castle and dropped me off at the “Timber Bridge” (which is now made of stone).  From there I walked the road to Julie’s home village in the Borlin Valley, took a couple of right turns, and hiked up the backside of the mountain I can see from my bedroom.  I was lucky to get a break from the rain, but the fog was relentless, so there are no really great photos from the hike.  Megan came to pick me up back at the Timber bridge.  We swung into Burke’s Grocery for some veg: cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and garlic.  Did you think I would make it out of Ireland without making some Timchi Kimchi.  Now brewing in the corner of the O’Connor’s kitchen is a strong fermenting garlic stench that you can almost get from the kitchen table.  John was checking all the appliances for gas leaks this morning mistaking my kimchi’s aura for a potential hazard.  If the hazard be good health and glowing skin, Timchi kimchi big hazard.  We sat down, told of the day’s occurrence, and ate a delicious pork roast with root vegetables and stuffing.  The stuffing looked good but we all know I don’t eat the grains, so it went cold on my plate and unfortunately to the dumpster.

We woke and Julie made bacon, sausage, tomato, and mushroom omelets for John and I.  This was good.  Little did I know I would need this fuel for the hard days work I was faced with.  John has a pile of cut but un-chopped wood sitting in the shed; I am the axeman.  I chopped wood for about six hours total yesterday, and my upper back is telling the tale.  I liked to imagine I was Con O’Connor, swearing my head off while taking to my task, “feck ’em in there, feckin’ axe stok halfway up th pine’s arse, witout a map.”  Apparently Con (my grandfather) was a sort of a legendary fighter and known to throw some curses around.  Luckily I was equipped with a modern axe, although the forged iron watched over me while I labored away.


Two blisters and a sore back, but I’m still feeling really energized from all my new dietary evolutions.  I am a fat burning man, sugar can close the door on the way out and I’ll save the grain for the family horse.

I Am A Ghrelin Addict

I Am A Ghrelin Addict.

Feck, over the bar, comon Cork!, cmon ref!


These sayings were very popular at the local pub.  John and I went down and had a few drinks for the all-Ireland Hurling game.  Now when I say Irishmen I know that  incredible athlete is not the first thing that jumps into the mind of my American readers; however, the Hurley players are by far the most courageous athletes I’ve seen play a game.  Tis such brutality!  Think: cardio of soccer, rules of lacrosse and no pads.  The pace of the game is faster than anything I’ve ever seen and the players are all hometown heroes.  Here’s a little preview of the game:

Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you.  Any questions or comments, you know I don’t have the facebook so please treat this space like you would a bookface page.

Lost my SkullCandy, Made the trip

I can’t think up the words to express what I’m feeling right now; however, I can conjure up a description of what I just experienced: 

On my way to Concord, after ten minutes I realized I left my computer next to the printer at home, which I was supposed to use to print my boarding pass.  Dad and I got to Concord with time to spare and I ate some bomb Japanese food at Mirimoto: classic roll and seaweed salad make me a pretty happy camper.  Regardless of the comfort food, I couldn’t get over this irking stress pushing hard at my neck.  As I was pulling my Cosmic edition SkullCandy Hesh II’s from my backpack they emerged destroyed.  So I slept a few minutes on the bus, entered the airport and luckily did not need a paper copy of my itinerary, and even though I was four hours early for my flight, I immediately entered the terminal.  I stuck to my new lifestyle and exercise plan refusing to sit and walking for at least five minutes each hour.  Needless to say, I got some weird looks as a paced around the fairly small CanadaAir terminal.  On my light excursions I happened upon the clerk as Cosí tending to the refrigerator and scored myself a free salad featuring the most disgusting excuse for meat I have ever seen.  Check out the ingredients in the chicken:


After throwing the bacon and chicken and dressing in the garbage the remains were slightly alienating but really took care of my cresting hunger. 


I watched the sun go down, boarded the plan and skipped up to Ottowa, about 1.5 hours by flight.  I blinked and my Canada visit was over.

Now comes the gruesome part.  As the night went on my uncovered ears taunted my brain as my body uneasily attempted to rest.  Old and arthritic, the bird sitting next to me assumed control of the center arm rest by default.  For seven hours I sat in discontent staring at the screen in the headrest in front of me.  I wretched in pain as my lymph node swelled to the size of a gum ball.  I scratched my throat endlessly throughout the flight.

As soon as we landed in London my whole perspective changed.  I got a large breakfast: ginger smoothie, two bacon, two sausage, two eggs, tomato, and mushroom.  The smoothie knocked that lymph node down and the food kept me energize for the next four hours.  I tirelessly wandered the terminal.  I walked in circles for four hours coving miles on my way.  This set me up for a very quiet night of sleep.  I arrived in Shannon, Ireland at about 4:30 PM to be greeted by Julie.  We shot up to Cahirmackee, Cork and the rest is textbook foreign affairs.  

Priority Packing

With so much to do today, I rose to drink my daily two liters followed by an amazing coffee drink.  Today I went straight to the cappuccino machine to brew four shots of espresso to put into my mushroom tea along with a solid helping of raw cacao powder, maca root, coconut oil, and ashwaghanda root powder.  Blended and topped with a good heaping teaspoon of cinnamon, this drink really did it for me this morning.  I was like, “mmmmmmmhmmhh.”



I live for that frothy full flavor.  This kept me going all day and brought me to the top of the mountain that view in the header is from.  Lunch was good:Image

Liver and onions topped with two over-easy eggs.  I was like, “mmmmmmmmmhhhmm.”


Step One, Buy Camera, Step Two, Share Life

Hello, how are ya, and welcome to the space I have created for sharing my adventure abroad in Ireland.  I hope you stop in weekly and check out the new content which will span my creative abilities.  Yesterday I traveled from Meredith to Boston to pick up my Irish passport and say goodbye to my Nana and my Dodo.  The city almost swallowed me whole; I was barely able to find the parking garage on Boylston St where I left my car, and imagined myself endlessly roaming the city streets, searching among the thousands of garages tucked beneath the skirts of Boston.  Found the car, drove to Durham, bought my camera, and picked my brother Connor up from class.  After touching base with my teacher in Durham, I drove up to Lake Sunapee to drop off an accounting book with my other brother.  Matt’s place is much cleaner than Connor’s and much more welcoming.  As usual he did a nice job setting the living room up for maximum chi circulation.  After hanging with Matt and his roommate for a coffee or two I hit the road for home at 11:30 PM.

Along my travels I picked up some necessities: New Hampshire Maple Syrup, local honey sticks, Blueberry Jam, and Maple Candy all from Emery Farm.  This should make a nice gift basket for the O’Connors of Cork.  They are opening up their home for me so I thought I’d fill it with NH’s sweetest treats.Image

All that sitting in the car all day really took its toll.  I got home around 12:30 and couldn’t wait to play with my camera.  My parents were fast asleep and I was in need of a tonic.  There is really nothing better than a warm drink right before bed.  The only problem is I think warm milk is kind of gross, especially right before bed.  With a few trips from kitchen to porch, I was able to set up my lab and within minutes I was drinking this incredible tonic of gynostemma tea, shatavari, maca, and coconut oil (for the froth).Image

I remembered that I forgot cocoa butter (it was glowing):


Blended and this is what remained:Image

My frothy, delicious, warm, comfort tonic opens and soothes the heart.  I slept very well last night!

Since I deleted my Facebook page, this will be my main source of communication. I hope all my favorite people drop some questions or comments and stay in touch with me in this piece of web I steadily spin.