France is alright…

by tim

I’m really loving my time in France so far.  Chloe lives in the most gorgeous part of Dijon, right outside the “Palais du Ducs,” which you should check out *click the link.  Today I got four different kinds of mushrooms, bee pollen, and some raw goat’s cheese at the market.  Chloe got a pumpkin.  She’s carving it right now.


And I’m doing this:


We’re having a grand time!  Plus, writing this blog is giving me the most mysterious case of deja vu!  The Night Before Christmas is a great movie for getting into the spooky spirit.  We went to a lake today and did a little exercising.  I drank a glass of wine at 10 AM!!!  Life in France seems simple at the moment.  The pace of life here suits my current academic pursuit, and everything is going really well.  The icing on the cake is that I’ll be back just in time for Thanksgiving and late season football.  Can’t wait to see everyone!