Nothing is Important

by tim


If you know me well I bet you know I like nothing.  The idea tantalizes me.  Nothing has never really been formally studied and the definition is always fleeting.  Is empty space nothing?  No, it’s empty space.  What is nothing really?  I really can’t say, but I do understand some important aspects of nothing that I would like to share with you today.

Doing nothing is impossible.  We have to breath, circulate our blood, digest our food, grow our hair, etc.  Becoming close to nothing is what the Western world calls meditation.  When I need to recharge my body after a long trip, after a long day or an intense experience, I try to become as close to nothing as possible.  The breath slows, the bones rest upon what’s below them, and the pulse becomes light.  The benefits of this (transcendental meditation) have been well-studied and more interestingly utilized by popular artists such as the Beatles, Zion I, and others to increase creativity and reduce stress.

Some argue that meditation sets the mind up for constant escapism.  I highly disagree.  When I’m doing nothing, I’m getting as close to doing nothing as possible.  When I’m physically, socially, creatively, academically, or intellectually  active I’m striving to be as far from nothing as possible.  This philosophy has taken me five years of trial and error to really sort out, but the implications of this are intense yo!

There is a saying out there that, “you can’t meditate away world hunger.”  No doubt this is true.  Regardless of what new-age gurus proclaim there is no spiritual matrix in which thoughts manifest physical objects spontaneously.  The concept of manifestation works through intentional action alone.  The hindi word karma translates very closely to our concept of doing.  The idea is that doing things impacts the reality in which we live.  Doing nothing is a tool that we utilize to recharge the body, become enveloped in peace, escape into a realm of eternal sunshine, or simply to reflect on our experience.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried meditating?  If you haven’t, I don’t suggest you sit cross-legged on the ground, hold your thumb to your finger and hum.  In my experience, recreating the image of “guru” is goofy and distracting.  If you want to try meditation with some degree of sincerity, sit in the place where you feel most comfortable or lay face-up somewhere you feel very safe.  Definitely let gravity do what gravity does.  Allow gravity to press on every cell without resisting….  Now you listen.  You have a lot going on in your mind.  Meditation is simply listening to your self for as long as it takes for your thoughts to become still.  Meditation is the cultivation of nothing.

I’m becoming more certain that nothing is the essence of existence.  They arise mutually.  Cultivating nothing is like growing a tree that will nourish your life, dreams, and love, because it is out of nothing that these somethings have become.