by tim

New photos!

Chloë and I are now official Dubliners.  Although we didn’t see the Guinness Brewery, have a wild night out drinking, or get mugged, we had just about as good of a time as you could expect us to.  The Irish people gave Chloë a much needed break from the French, now confirmed for their arrogant and generally unfriendly attitude towards foreigners.  Besides that, it was nice for her to be in an English speaking country again, and of course within the comfort of my arms.  The French staff of RyanAir had to go on strike right before Chloë’s flight, leaving me awake at the Dublin airport overnight.  I stayed up for something like 38 hours straight.  When she landed I was almost delirious enough to take her to lunch at the one restaurant I had not yet become familiar with!

We dropped he bags off at my cousin Ros Portier’s house, and turned right around to find what we were looking for.  Two burgers, a basket of “chips” and a bottle of wine later, late night Dublin was looking pretty epic.  There is a surreal aspect to Dublin; the city is crawling with life in every little corner, making each little corner feel like the only part of the city.  A crowd for every “busker” (street performer), a bum on every block, and thousands of bars hosting live music of every genre.  We were pretty impressed.

After grabbing some sweets and what the Irish call a “fry”, we evacuated the city and returned to my cousin’s beautiful house and the most over-appreciated bed in Dublin.  A fry is a breakfast consisting of blood pudding (cows blood and barley sausage), rashers (thick cuts of bacon), and bangers (delicious, light, spiced sausage).  Served with eggs, fried tomato and mushrooms.  Worth every penny every time.

With ambitious plans to wake up at 7:30 and crush breakfast, we slept until 9:30.  Good thing, too, because I was completely wiped out after our long day out.  We hit up the National Gallery, Trinity College, Book of Kells, Steven’s Green, and got home for dinner an hour late.

Another good night of sleep and another late start got us out of the house by 9:30 this time.  Everyone told me to see Phoenix Park (the largest park of any European city).  Phoenix park sucked.  It was just a large park with roads all through it (not exactly Yellowstone) but we dipped out and hit up:


for some Irish coffee and post card writing.  After a bus ride back into the city, we made our way to the Dublin Castle, which was by far my favorite sight.  The gardens were beautiful, the architecture intriguing and best of all, the castle hosts the Chester Beatty Library.  The library is more of a museum of fashion, religion and literature.  I left here with far more energy than I came with!

We set out to find a good place to eat and listen to traditional Irish music.  We found it.  Chloë bought me my first European steak and we had a few pints.  What a mistake!  Regardless if you are gluten intolerant or not, if you restrict gluten from your diet and then have three pints of Guinness, get ready for an interesting night!!!  We called it quits early so we could rise early for Chloë’s flight.

Dublin was great and I would definitely visit again, minus the pints of Guinness.