Wow-Warm Organs

by tim

Yesterday was an incredible day.  I fulfilled each priority with precision.  John and I went up to the slaughter house, which is literally three houses up the street.  I watched the murder of four sheep followed by their preparation.  The “animal technicians” so skillfully stripped the bodies of their skin.  I definitely developed a new respect for butchers and anyone who can stomach the daily task of skinning animals.  Thanks to the kind butchers I returned home with a warm liver in hands.  Julie was excited to cook me up fresh lamb liver and onions.  Eating four slices of the liver put me in a state of rapturous delight.  Warmth surrounded every inch of my skin, wrapped me in an ethereal blanket of bliss, and submerged me deep into a hot spring of silence.  Better than beer, better than sleep, better than pancakes.



So primal!  After I went to do some gardening with Con Connelly.  I stayed for dinner and Sheila (Con’s wife, my cousin) thought it would be a good idea if I stayed with her sister-my cousin-Rose during my trip to Dublin.  I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait for this weekend.  I’ll meet Chloë at the Dublin airport tomorrow, midnight, and stay one night at a hostel close by.  We’ll wake up to a continental breakfast (hoping to fulfill my primal desire with all you can eat bacon!) and see where the day takes us.

Guinness Brewery, Phoenix Park, Steven’s Green, Book of Kells, Church of Christ, Bus tour…all on the agenda.  What else is there to do in Dublin?  Any suggestions or must sees?

The moon rose where the sun set last night, together, and Venus was overseeing the whole thing.  I have a good feeling.