Kealkill’s Premiere Dog Whisperer

by tim



This morning John, Julie, Kate and I went to breakfast at Kathy Mullen’s house.  Kathy is quite the fire-cracker, ripping shots at all who stand before her.  I really like that she speaks her mind and sticks to her guns on everything.  Kathy has taken a liking to me for my cool demeanor and insightful approaches to health and food.  I think I turned her into Kombucha’s number one saleswoman in all of Ireland!  Stock prices will fly!  

Her house is incredibly charming and her company twice as much so.  I experienced “potato waffles” for the first time, because Kathy knows I don’t eat grains, and these may be something I look into making myself.  Maybe some variation like a potato pancake?  Breakfast was incredibly filling and extremely energizing.  I went with the family into Bantry, where Julie visits her sick father on the daily.  I grabbed a cappuccino proper at The Breakfast House (the only open restaurant in Bantry) and gathered materials for my coconut banana bread that bakes behind me as I write.  

I’m finding more and more reason to try and stay in Ireland.  The people here are so different than Americans.  Of course, each sect has pros and cons, but the easy-going charm of the Irish is luring me in.  The rain is close to unbearable though and I have a lot of respect to all those hardworking souls getting what needs to be done everyday in the grey.