Lost my SkullCandy, Made the trip

by tim

I can’t think up the words to express what I’m feeling right now; however, I can conjure up a description of what I just experienced: 

On my way to Concord, after ten minutes I realized I left my computer next to the printer at home, which I was supposed to use to print my boarding pass.  Dad and I got to Concord with time to spare and I ate some bomb Japanese food at Mirimoto: classic roll and seaweed salad make me a pretty happy camper.  Regardless of the comfort food, I couldn’t get over this irking stress pushing hard at my neck.  As I was pulling my Cosmic edition SkullCandy Hesh II’s from my backpack they emerged destroyed.  So I slept a few minutes on the bus, entered the airport and luckily did not need a paper copy of my itinerary, and even though I was four hours early for my flight, I immediately entered the terminal.  I stuck to my new lifestyle and exercise plan refusing to sit and walking for at least five minutes each hour.  Needless to say, I got some weird looks as a paced around the fairly small CanadaAir terminal.  On my light excursions I happened upon the clerk as Cosí tending to the refrigerator and scored myself a free salad featuring the most disgusting excuse for meat I have ever seen.  Check out the ingredients in the chicken:


After throwing the bacon and chicken and dressing in the garbage the remains were slightly alienating but really took care of my cresting hunger. 


I watched the sun go down, boarded the plan and skipped up to Ottowa, about 1.5 hours by flight.  I blinked and my Canada visit was over.

Now comes the gruesome part.  As the night went on my uncovered ears taunted my brain as my body uneasily attempted to rest.  Old and arthritic, the bird sitting next to me assumed control of the center arm rest by default.  For seven hours I sat in discontent staring at the screen in the headrest in front of me.  I wretched in pain as my lymph node swelled to the size of a gum ball.  I scratched my throat endlessly throughout the flight.

As soon as we landed in London my whole perspective changed.  I got a large breakfast: ginger smoothie, two bacon, two sausage, two eggs, tomato, and mushroom.  The smoothie knocked that lymph node down and the food kept me energize for the next four hours.  I tirelessly wandered the terminal.  I walked in circles for four hours coving miles on my way.  This set me up for a very quiet night of sleep.  I arrived in Shannon, Ireland at about 4:30 PM to be greeted by Julie.  We shot up to Cahirmackee, Cork and the rest is textbook foreign affairs.