Step One, Buy Camera, Step Two, Share Life

by tim

Hello, how are ya, and welcome to the space I have created for sharing my adventure abroad in Ireland.  I hope you stop in weekly and check out the new content which will span my creative abilities.  Yesterday I traveled from Meredith to Boston to pick up my Irish passport and say goodbye to my Nana and my Dodo.  The city almost swallowed me whole; I was barely able to find the parking garage on Boylston St where I left my car, and imagined myself endlessly roaming the city streets, searching among the thousands of garages tucked beneath the skirts of Boston.  Found the car, drove to Durham, bought my camera, and picked my brother Connor up from class.  After touching base with my teacher in Durham, I drove up to Lake Sunapee to drop off an accounting book with my other brother.  Matt’s place is much cleaner than Connor’s and much more welcoming.  As usual he did a nice job setting the living room up for maximum chi circulation.  After hanging with Matt and his roommate for a coffee or two I hit the road for home at 11:30 PM.

Along my travels I picked up some necessities: New Hampshire Maple Syrup, local honey sticks, Blueberry Jam, and Maple Candy all from Emery Farm.  This should make a nice gift basket for the O’Connors of Cork.  They are opening up their home for me so I thought I’d fill it with NH’s sweetest treats.Image

All that sitting in the car all day really took its toll.  I got home around 12:30 and couldn’t wait to play with my camera.  My parents were fast asleep and I was in need of a tonic.  There is really nothing better than a warm drink right before bed.  The only problem is I think warm milk is kind of gross, especially right before bed.  With a few trips from kitchen to porch, I was able to set up my lab and within minutes I was drinking this incredible tonic of gynostemma tea, shatavari, maca, and coconut oil (for the froth).Image

I remembered that I forgot cocoa butter (it was glowing):


Blended and this is what remained:Image

My frothy, delicious, warm, comfort tonic opens and soothes the heart.  I slept very well last night!

Since I deleted my Facebook page, this will be my main source of communication. I hope all my favorite people drop some questions or comments and stay in touch with me in this piece of web I steadily spin.